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The investment project

The investment project "Multifunctional technological center with a foundry and mechanical work shops, education center for localization of casting production in Russia and automobile components production"

Cologne, Germany

  • suppliers development for the automobile assembly factories in EU;
  • a partner to Daimler, Ford and others in auto components supplies;
  • since 2005 present on the Russian market;
  • engineering;
  • consulting;
  • export to EU orders placement and processing on the Russian foundries

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • foundry sector development, new technologies and programs for new installations, cooperation, development and specialization of the foundry sector in Russia;
  • investment opportunities and projects;
  • marketing investigations;
  • information, technical, innovation and methodological consultations as well as law supports of the foundries;
  • education and specialization of the personnel;
  • project coordination

Stockholm, Sweden

  • 80 active on the foundry market;
  • steel, iron and Al castings producer in the past for automobile industry;
  • more then 60% market share in Scandinavia and Nordic equipment and service supplies for all types of foundries
  • founder of the foundry school – all types of education for foundry people;
  • engineering;
  • laboratory;
  • member of boar of Swedish Foundry association;
  • publishing – KARLEBO Handbook
  • public activity

To establish a high technology foundry production center to achieve the following:

MISSION of the project:

  1. To work out and implement an individual development plan for every interested foundry in order to form a high tech, specialized, high productive and competitive foundry industry in Russia; as well as establishing strong casting suppliers both to Russia and abroad => starting from factory management, logistics, sales and quality improvements and up to complete modernization of the foundries and personnel education.
  2. To establish a high technology technological center on the basis of the existing foundry enterprise in order to deliver castings producers the full and most complete package of related services – to achieve a deep specialization of the foundries.

Competitive advantages of the project:

The project will:

Available resources for the project:

We are glad to invite participants and investors as well as foundries management and foreign parties to join us in the Project.

President of NPP “Foundrymen Union of Saint-Petersburg”
Dr. Vladimir I. Evseev

E-mail: execute@souzlit.spb.ru
E-mail: evseev@shlakolit.sp.ru
+7-911 749 49 50

Web-site of “we plan. GmbH” www.we-plan.com

Web-site of Karlebo GJUTERITEKNIK AB www.karlebo.se,
Karlebo Ltd.: Tel.: (812) 448-08-69;

The project is being promoted with the Saint-Petersburg Industry Support Fund partnership
www.fpp-iis.ru ,
tel.: (812) 234-80-50, fax: (812) 234-86-20
General Director Aleksey N. Ulanov ulanov@fpp.org.ru.

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